Rex Johnston,

After completing a bachelors degree in computer science and mathematics, Rex decided that he didn’t know enough about the applications of what he’d learned, he headed back to university and went to Engineering School and completed a masters degree. That was a long time ago. Since then he’s dabbled in many related fields, everything from being a mechanic to an electronics technician.

Software modeling is where he started. This took him on a long journey, starting with C and FORTRAN, taking a journey into SQL, dipping his toes in assembly language and some of the so-called 4th generation languages. Running the models on UNIX and VMS servers and not content with letting someone else take care of the running of these systems, he’s become a proficient system administrator, especially with all things Linux. Lately he’s been keeping up to date with the latest web technologies (well, most of them, there are so many).

Not wanting to make thing easy on himself with this blog, he’s decided to run WordPress with Nginx serving it up and PostgreSQL as the database back-end, making this blog a little unique, at least from a systemic point of view. Stay tuned on that score.

Rex is now a freelance consultant, available for hire.

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