Harmonized Shipping Labels

Ever noticed those huge shipping labels on your parcels? Those are harmonized shipping labels. They are pretty standard and contain a lot of information about the contents, destination and sender. Recently, a customers standard delivery agents (the post office) required that their parcels being sent out needed a ‘harmonized shipping label’. Now there are quite a few different ways to do this. You can get your system to print out the labels, assigning a unique identifier for this package, then upload all this information into the mail system, or you can generate a standard file (usually a CSV) from your system, import it into the mail system and get THEIR system to generate the packing labels.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out which is easier from the system point of view. Getting the post office to lay out the labels is much easier, up to the point where your sales volume increases to the point where it is worth going the whole hog, printing the labels yourself and uploading the resultant tracking data to the post office.

There are quite a few curlies along the way, including package aggregation, size considerations and much more.

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